Mushroom Kingdom
Flag of the mushroom kingdom v2 0 by mortimermcmirestinks-d67e7vy
Mushroom Kingdom's flag.
Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom (キノコ王国) is a kingdom separate from Sarasaland. The princess of this place is Peach,daughter of Queen Toadstool and Toadsworth.

It is a place that always get invaded by Bowser,to get Princess Peach as a mom of his kids. But Mario always saves the princess.

Story Edit

It was a normal kingdom,until the King of the Koopas Bowser kidnapped the princess. So,a normal plumber called Mario saved the princess,many and many times. The first appearance of the Mushroom Kingdom was in Super Mario Bros.

There are many castles and towns in the Mushroom Kingdom: Peach's Castle, Toad Town, Mario House, Mushroom City, etc.

Stages Edit

NeOaNkH Peach Castle

Mario and Bowser battling in a fan-made MUGEN game

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